What We Do



About us

At Mama’s Pets we offer personalized skin and coat care with the safest and most natural, toxic free pet products and treatments as an alternative to the chemical treatments with medicated baths and steroids.
We believe in: Healthy Skin # Happy Pet!

why work with us

We have been working passionately to bring a new kind of “skin and coat care” for your pets and we can’t wait for them to experience it.

Products we use

We use the finest organic botanicals, mineral salts and essential oils in our body washes, conditioners and treatments to: Cleanse, Soothe & Heal.

Technology we implement

We use “Microbubble Technology” for deep washing the pet’s skin and coat, that is gentle on your pet and an enjoyable experience for them.
Most bad odours that come from pets are signs of skin issues deep down within the pores & hair follicles.

All our baths are not your pet typical bath!

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